• The admins are here to treat this like a job. Understand admins have real lives and are not paid. Admins will act like adults and provide professionalism when dealing with issues and the community.

For the community.

  • This is not a playground for Admins and their friends. There is no spotlight on the admins or a place where they can gain power easily.


  • There will be none. Admins and friends of admins will not have any advantages. (i.e always in leadership positions, etc) Everyone will roleplay on the same level and have the same opportunity as everyone else.


  • Admins will not enter romantic relationships with each other or with anyone from the community.


  • The goal is to be as fair as possible. That said we will take everything at face value.

Character accounts do not have admin access.

  • Admin character accounts do not have access to any admin commands or panels. All admins are required to have a separate account to help players or run events.

Spawning items.

  • Nothing will be spawned in by Admins unless it’s for market and/or events. Lost animals, items, buildings or boats cannot be replaced by admins.

improvising unwritten rules.

  • This is considered entrapment and has been abused before. Admins may conceive new rules to fill in loopholes but these rulings must be added to the rule list and announced in discord to take effect. However if a rulebreaker in question had malicious intent, punishment may be issued. This is done on a case by case basis.


  • Admins will not abandon the server. The server will be maintained and cared for as long as there is a community playing on it

Willingness to adapt.

  • Admins do have a vision in mind, but it is the community that drives the server. If a real and valid change needs to take place, admins will consider every avenue and do what we can to make the community happy.


  • Admins are not shielded or exempt from the rules. If an admin breaks the rules or gets out of line, the appropriate actions will take place, including being removed from the team.


  • This is a bannable offense.

Admins may not use their power or position in a way that does not adhere

to the code of conduct!