Doing your part as a community member:

Comprehending the rules.

  • It is your job to read and understand the rules. Ignorance can not be used as a defense. If you don’t understand a rule: ask! If you don’t know if what you are thinking of doing is a rule: ask! The admins are here for you, if an admin isn’t being helpful: tell them!


  • Admins are human. They want to please everyone but that’s impossible. Admins have real life responsibilities: jobs, school, family. Staff will do their best and what is best for the community.

Healthy Community.

  • Don’t be toxic. Don’t make someone feel uncomfortable or unwelcome.


  • More is possible with cooperation rather than competition! Staff and the community can work together to create great service and an amazing experience.

Report issues and rulebreaks.

  • No one wants to be a rat. But it is best that if you notice something to report it right away. This way the admins can halt it immediately and punishment can hopefully be minor. If something is not reported it can cause massive problems down the road and the punishment likely becomes more severe.


  • Sometimes things take more time to look over and deal with. Making snap decisions is not always the best avenue. Know that the Admins wants what best for the community.


  • The admins are average people. They don’t possess every good idea and solution up their sleeve. Admins want to hear your thoughts! Staff just asks that you present it in a professional manner.

View different perspectives.

  • Most of the time people only see things from their side. You need to step out of your shoes and into the shoes of others involved. One thing can affect everyone differently. When a staff makes a decision, the goal is that it is in the best interest of the majority.

Have fun!

  • That’s what it is really all about. There is no need to stress or worry because at the end of the day: it’s a game. A game that gets wiped at the end of every season. Nothing in the game matters in the end, but you do!